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Hearing Aids and Hearing Test Evaluation Specialists – Orange Park, FL

If you believe you need hearing aids, the first thing you will need is a comprehensive hearing exam completed by one of our team of professional audiologists.

Once you have a current audiogram, we will be able to use the results to help us come up with a treatment plan best suited to your needs. This could include scheduling a fitting for hearing aids.

We offer a wide variety of hearing aids, hearing aid brands and technologies with lots of features to suit your needs.

Generally, the cost of hearing aids does not depend on the styling, but rather on the features and technologies you choose for your hearing aids. Our digital hearing aids come in many levels – from our basic levels to premium and advanced levels.

Each hearing aid style has it’s own important features.

Things to consider when selecting a hearing aid style:

Hearing aids have three basic and important parts: a microphone, amplifier and a speaker. The microphone receives the sounds and converted it to an electrical signal that gets sent to the amplifier. The amplifier takes the electrical signal and increases it’s power which is sent through the speaker to the inner ear.

Although our hearing aids share the same essential components, the way they are put together can vary and this will affect their styling. Some of our hearing aid designs fit completely in the wearer’s ears while others are worn behind the ear or over the ear.

The style of hearing aid you choose will depend on your hearing test results and your lifestyle needs along with the activities you do and personal preference.

Although styles can vary greatly, the cost of hearing aids does not differ much between the styles.

Hearing Aid Types We Offer

Custom Hearing Aids

Custom designed and fitted hearing aids fit directly into the ear and the components are in a case that is molded to the ear canal. These types of hearing aids are easy to use for everyday activities and especially work well with phones. They keep all of the components within your ear.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

These are the common type of hearing aids people see. They are designed to be worn on top of or over their ears. The components are housed in a small case that fits on the outer part of the ear and sound is delivered into the wearer’s ear using with non-custom tube or custom ear-molds.

Another common version of the over the ear style has the speaker in the ear, with the microphone and amplifier in a shell worn on top of the ear. Depending on your hearing loss, custom made ear-molds can also be made.

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